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How do you make a member an, Admin, Community Manager, Profile Manager, Event Organizer, Admin and what do they all Mean?
Membership levels indicate what sorts of actions a group member can perform. You can think of them as permissions if you like. Members - Anyone who joins a group. Members are part of the group for purposes of counting the number of members, messaging and assigning other levels but can perform no actions any non-member could do. Community Manager - Someone who is responsible for managing the members of the groups. They have the ability to assign different membership levels to group users. Profile Manager - Someone who is responsible for keeping the group's page up to date. Profile managers have access to all the editing tools on the group profiles. Event Organizer - Someone responsible for managing the groups events. Event organizers have the ability to create and update events and the associated images. Admin - An admin has the ability to modify anything associated with any aspect of the group profile and serves to manage the managers. Owner - Group owners are billed for the group profile so have admin level control over the group. The chief distinction between an admin and the owner is that no other group member can change an owner's group level.